Christmas Countdown Ideas: Nativity Story

Nativity Story Countdown

There are so many ways you can incorporate this countdown idea into your family. Basically you just need a nativity set, wrapping paper, and some form of printable (see below.) You can find nativity scenes on sale this time of year, and craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s often provide “40% off one item” coupons in their ads or on their websites. I was able to purchase this adorable 10-figure nativity set for only $5 at Hobby Lobby!

Christmas Countdown Ideas: Nativity Story

What you will do is wrap each figure individually and place a number on it. The numbers correspond with the nativity story in the Bible and should be opened in order. For example, your angel (Gabriel) should be #1 as he delivered the good news to Mary about her conception of Jesus. Mary is 2nd in the story so you place a #2 on her. And so on.

Christmas Countdown Ideas: Nativity Story

As your child opens each figure, place it on display. If you have a stable, that would be wonderful! You can choose to read the story of Jesus’ birth bit by bit each day.

The cutest (and most thoughtful) idea I’ve read about so far was on a website called Sugar Doodle. Unfortunately, the link I had bookmarked is no longer active, but the author chose a different neighbor each year and left one wrapped nativity figure on their doorstep each night for 12 nights in a row. She included a note that explained what role the figure played in the nativity story. What a unique way to share Christ with others during the holiday season!! If you are a working mom or dad, you can do this by leaving one on a co-worker’s desk each day, or mail them all at once to a far-away loved one with strict instructions to only open one per day.

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