Christmas Countdown Ideas: Characteristics of Jesus

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While not exactly a countdown to Christmas or an advent calendar, I really really love the meaning behind this activity. Christmas IS Christ and what better way to spend December than learning about the characteristics of Jesus, our Savior.

I am also not too thrilled with the way the wreath part of this looks, I wanted to cover it with something but my son said he likes the way it looks…it reminds him of something from Super Mario…so I left it alone.

Each stick has the day of the month on one side and a verse and characteristic on the other side. Each day you will read the verse from the Bible and discuss the characteristic mentioned and why it makes Jesus who He is.  After you are done, you can flip the stick so that the verse is showing. This will let you know which days you have covered.

What you need:

Christmas Countdown Ideas: Characteristics of Jesus

You don’t have to start on December 1st or use all 25 labels. 

    1. Print out the circles and cut them out by hand or with a punch.
    2. With a glue stick, attach all the numbers to the end of a wooden popsicle stick.
    3. On the other side of the stick, line up a verse circle with a matching color. Be sure to save the gold circle labeled “Savior” for December 25th.
    4. Several of my circles ended up a bit off after gluing, so I simply trimmed them up with scissors.
    5. You’ll end up with a pile of 25 wooden sticks.

Christmas Countdown Ideas: Characteristics of Jesus

  • You can either be meticulous and measure your wreath and divide the circumference by 25 to figure out how far apart to space the sticks, or you can lay them out on a table and eyeball the spacing as you go.I guess this depends on whether you are right brained or left brained.

Christmas Countdown Ideas: Characteristics of Jesus

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