Learn About Scientists who are Christians and Creationists

Learn About Scientists who are Christians and Creationists

Amid the modern, Darwinian scientific world, Christian scientists often have to hide their beliefs or risk being ostracized by their peers. Therefore, it is difficult to find books, articles, and resources written by prominent Christian scientists. Over the past few months, I contributed a series to Bright Ideas Press to showcase some historically significant scientists who devoted their lives to Christ.

Each article contains a free printable containing timeline figures of all the Christian scientists pictured, 31 men in all.

There are many ways that you can take advantage of the free timeline figures.

  1. Place them on a wall timeline.
  2. Place them on a map according to their birthplace.
  3. Notebook them with pages from NotebookingPages.com. We have a lifetime membership to NotebookingPages and find ourselves accessing it weekly to print out pre-made pages for various subjects. (In case, a “lifetime membership” sounds expensive, it is not. You can choose to pay $99.95 all at once or break it into 4 payments.)

science notebooking pages


Christian Astronomers

This article will spotlight several well known, but long-deceased scientists who specialized in astronomy and were vocal about their Christianity. While the denominations and doctrinal beliefs of these men vary, one thing is for sure — they were believers of Jesus Christ. Each sought diligently to apply the Bible to their scientific studies.

Christian Biologists

In this post, I introduce you to eight brilliant minds who specialized in biology and natural science. These men strongly believed in a Creator and those born after Darwin’s time were outspoken opponents of evolution.

Christian Geologists

In this edition of my Christian scientists series, I share scientists who specialized in the area of geology and the study of the Great Flood.

Christian Geologists part two

Because our planet, with its many layers, speaks very evidently to our creator, another post is befitting to cover the number of great scientists who were geologist and Christians. Thus, in this edition of my Christian scientists series, I share seven more scientists who specialized in the area of geology and the study of the Great Flood.

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  1. Jennifer H

    By your title, I totally thought you were going to be talking about the religion of Christian Scientists (Tom Cruise, et al). May you should re-title this to “Scientists who are Christians”. You might get better google hits 🙂 BTW, even though I thought it was going to be something different when I saw it in my blog reader, I’m glad you have put together this resource.

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