A Peanuts and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Everybody loves Charlie Brown and his gang. What’s not to love? One of the very first things we ever bought our son (when I was still pregnant!) was this DVD set of Charlie Brown holiday classics. It is a much loved treasure in our house.

You know the silly scene in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving where Snoopy serves the guests toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, and jelly beans for Thanksgiving dinner? It has become the perfectly classic snack to serve your family while you watch the episode.

You can find all these Peanuts and Charlie Brown themed Thanksgiving products at Oriental Trading.

(Disclaimer: Oriental Trading sent me the products listed in this post, but I was not compensated. This post also contains Oriental Trading affiliate links.)

In the photo above you can see the individual place settings of my tablescape:

  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Large paper plates featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy as Pilgrims
  • Small paper plates featuring Woodstock as a turkey
  • Large napkins featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy as Pilgrims
  • Small napkins featuring Woodstock as a turkey
  • Popcorn boxes
  • 3D Thanksgiving Scene Craft Kit

And my favorite…the menu!

To make the menu I painted one of these unfinished wood frames orange. Next, I glued images from the napkins to cardstock. After the glue was dry and I cut them out, they had a nice fabric feel to them. I attached them to my orange frame using glue dots.

I created a quick printable in Photoshop to show that popcorn, toast, jelly beans and pretzels were on the menu.

I also decorated above the table with these hanging paper lanterns. I am so in love with the way they look that I don’t want to ever take them down. Although, they did scare the poo out of me the first couple of times I walked into the kitchen and saw them out of the corner of my eye.


*Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links.

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