100 Ways to Teach With Science Fiction

Sparking a love of learning can be difficult. Not all of us love math. Many people loath science. Others don’t see the relevance of learning about history. As parents and teachers, how can we help kids cultivate a love of learning? Sometimes all it takes is the right book, movie, or TV show. That little spark of interest can develop into a full-blown obsession and before you know it, you are considered a member of a “fandom”. The love of a fandom usually lasts a lifetime and this love can open up an immense world of learning opportunities.

Spring STEM Holidays to Celebrate

I have to admit, I am not happy it is spring. I am a winter and fall girl. I already miss my sweaters, footie pajamas, and thick scarves. But spring is definitely loaded with amazing STEM holidays to thrill the science lovers in your family. Here is a list of more than 20 spring STEM holidays and events you can celebrate this season. I’ve included specific ideas to get your gears rolling too.

High School Electives for STEM

One of the most exciting aspects of homeschooling high school is the vast range of high school electives for STEM. Are you raising a budding engineer, architect, or carpenter? All states require a minimum of general education credits to graduate high school. These include such subjects as math, language arts, history, …

Mastering Robotics for Teens

Educators from around the world have been searching for an easy to use, plug-and-play robotics controller that is simple enough for classroom learning, yet powerful enough for advanced robotics competitions. So Pitsco Research & Development naturally jumped in to fill this need. The TETRIX® PRIZM™ Robotics Controller is a Pitsco exclusive and your next step to mastering robotics. This controller is perfect for middle and high schoolers who are interested in exploring the field of robotics.