How to Homeschool St. Patrick’s Day

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And not just on March 17th, but all month long! My house turns green with decorations, I start cooking Irish foods more frequently, and we get take-out meals from Fado’s Irish Pub. Not too mention how much fun it is to homeschool St. Patrick’s Day! You can take these ideas for everything from math to language arts and spend an entire day homeschooling nothing but Irishness! Lots of malarkey and shenanigans may ensue.

My St. Patrick’s Day Tree. Who Says Trees are Just for Christmas?

Did you know that immediately after Christmas, artificial trees go on sale for up to 80% off? So make plans this December to go out shopping a couple of days after Christmas to snag a mini tree. Or two. Or five, like I once did. Since St. Patrick’s Day is my 2nd favorite holiday, this year I created a mini St Patrick’s Day tree. Being more Irish than any other ancestry, I love St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday makes me feel closer to my people across the pond.

Christmas Inventions

Christmastime is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. I love when October rolls around and the stores start converting their aisles for the holidays. Our Christmas trees come up from the basement, I plan out our Christmas countdown, I start having dreams about wrapping paper, and even though …

The Christmas Fairy

I love doing Christmas countdowns and this year I decided to do a Christmas Fairy countdown. The Christmas Fairy is actually me (shhh, don’t tell) and every day I’ve been leaving little goodies and gifts out for my two guys. I think the biggest successes so far have been the …

Christmas in Scotland

Scotland is near and dear to my heart, since in a very close second to Irish, my genealogy is mostly Scottish. I have a Clans of Scotland poster on my wall and a blanket of one of my ancestral tartans. How glorious would it be to spend Christmas in Scotland! …

Christmas Countdown Puzzle Activity

Puzzle Activity Countdown Of all the Christmas countdowns I have ever done, this one took the longest to make, but I truly loved the end result and my son was thrilled with it. (He was 8 years old at the time.) What you need:  A thick wood puzzle (the one I …

Christmas Countdown Ideas: Jesse Tree Magnets

A “Jesse Tree” is an artistic depiction of the ancestry of Jesus. The tree (whether it be a cut-out, a real Christmas tree, or simply some branches placed in a bucket) is decorated each day with ornaments that represent Old Testament events from Creation to the Birth of Jesus. The tree gets its name from Isaiah 11:1 “A shoot will spring forth from the stump of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots.”