Spring STEM Holidays to Celebrate

I have to admit, I am not happy it is spring. I am a winter and fall girl. I already miss my sweaters, footie pajamas, and thick scarves. But spring is definitely loaded with amazing STEM holidays to thrill the science lovers in your family. Here is a list of more than 20 spring STEM holidays and events you can celebrate this season. I’ve included specific ideas to get your gears rolling too.

How to Homeschool St. Patrick’s Day

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And not just on March 17th, but all month long! My house turns green with decorations, I start cooking Irish foods more frequently, and we get take-out meals from Fado’s Irish Pub. Not too mention how much fun it is to homeschool St. Patrick’s Day! You can take these ideas for everything from math to language arts and spend an entire day homeschooling nothing but Irishness! Lots of malarkey and shenanigans may ensue.

My St. Patrick’s Day Tree. Who Says Trees are Just for Christmas?

Did you know that immediately after Christmas, artificial trees go on sale for up to 80% off? So make plans this December to go out shopping a couple of days after Christmas to snag a mini tree. Or two. Or five, like I once did. Since St. Patrick’s Day is my 2nd favorite holiday, this year I created a mini St Patrick’s Day tree. Being more Irish than any other ancestry, I love St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday makes me feel closer to my people across the pond.