Make Your Own Hogwarts House Pajamas

I am a Ravenclaw living with two Slytherins. I am also a stickler for personality tests. I am pretty sure I end up taking a new one every week. I strongly believe that everyone, no matter how old they are, should at least take the Myers-Briggs test. You’ll learn so much about yourself from that test. Second to the Myers-Briggs, my favorite personality test is the Hogwarts house sorter at As silly as it sounds, it really is an insightful quiz. It will reveal which of the four houses you belong in, but it also tells you a ton about what type of personality you have.

Missing Socks

Does your dryer eat your socks? Mine does. Or there is a leprechaun who thinks hiding my socks is funny. It really makes no sense, and I am totally not exaggerating, but when I took that photo above, I had 4 additional socks in my drawer that did not have a match. …