Arts and Crafts With LEGO

LEGO creations in themselves are beautiful pieces of art that should be displayed all over the house. Yep, all over the house. Even on the floor. Or at least the kids think so. I am sure you can relate, huh? There are websites galore that showcase the works of very …

Teaching Language Arts With LEGO

LEGO bricks can play a HUGE part in your homeschool curriculum, especially your language arts curriculum. We came up with so many creative and fun ways to begin teaching language arts with LEGO that I originally wanted to break this post into two!

LEGO Math for Elementary School

Math for elementary age students involves learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, telling time, fractions, graphing and lots of memorizing. Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of all these symbols and numbers, many children come to the conclusion that they just hate math. The secret to helping children learn to love math …

Teaching With LEGO: Preschool Ideas

Aww, 2-4 year olds. The love of learning is so strong during those precious preschool years. I fondly remember the years when my son was learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. He remembers too. He remembers the alphabet matching cards I made him, and the foam numbers that we would match up to piles of Cheerios or pretzels, and the sorting activities we used to have fun with several times a day. If only we had LEGO bricks in the house back then…I am sure we would have used them in so many ways.

Boring Words

Do you ever get tired of reading books that have a never-ending he said this, she said that, they said what. Yeah, me too. Teaching strong verbal and communication skills is very important to my husband and I. The more words a child is taught, the greater their reading comprehension …