100 Ways to Teach With Science Fiction

Sparking a love of learning can be difficult. Not all of us love math. Many people loath science. Others don’t see the relevance of learning about history. As parents and teachers, how can we help kids cultivate a love of learning? Sometimes all it takes is the right book, movie, or TV show. That little spark of interest can develop into a full-blown obsession and before you know it, you are considered a member of a “fandom”. The love of a fandom usually lasts a lifetime and this love can open up an immense world of learning opportunities.

Our April Bookshelf

Here is a list of some of our favorite recent reads. A few from me, although I am still on an Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers mystery novel kick so I didn’t list those. A few more from my teenage son, and a few from our homeschool reading list.

5 Great Classics for Teenage Boys and How They Came to Be

I am a firm believer that everyone, no matter the age, should be exposed to classic literature. We started off with an abridged series of books for young kids. Short, abridged versions provide a gentle start to classic literature. Through reading them, my son learned the general story, so reading the originals became easier when he was ready. The classics will make your teenager love reading even more. Classic books are named that for a reason. They are superb works of literature that pull the reader in and leave them feeling full of life and emotion at the end.

Must Have Books for Your Star Wars Collection

I collect books. A habit that my son has happily inherited. While, he does enjoy fictional novels, he has always preferred reading non-fiction, which I guess he inherited from both of us. This has made it easier to find quality books for him to read. Many of these Star Wars books are great for the engineering mind! Encyclopedia-like books related to science and his love of sci-fi are his favorites. (My husband’s too!)

Clever Gifts for an Obsessive Reader

Christmas is less than 7 weeks away and I know I am not the only one who has already been shopping for months. Shopping for the absolute perfect gifts for everyone in your family can take some time, research, Googling, store hopping, and probably sneakiness. So, if you have a loved one who is obsessed with books and can stay up reading way past bedtime, hopefully this list will remove some of the stress of Christmas shopping. I can’t help you with the sneakiness, however. You’re on your own.