Can a LEGO® Creation Climb Stairs?

LEGO Education EV3 Stair Climber

In our homeschool we have been using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education robot kit, called EV3 for the past few months.

As one homeschool parent to another, the robotics field is already huge and is just going to keep growing. Introducing your child to robotics at an early age has tremendous benefits in and of themselves, but imagine how much of a benefit such an early start will be for them if they decide to go into the field of robotic engineering as a career. It is so important, in this modern day and age, that we expose our homeschool kids to the STEM resources that they will not receive in public school.

If you are curious about the differences between the education and retail version, visit 8 Major Differences Between Mindstorms EV3 Education and Home Edition. This is a very comprehensive discussion detailing the large and small differences between the two sets.

I already showed you a bit of what the EV3 can do on two different posts here and here.

My son made the video below to show off the EV3 stair climber. The stair climber does not really move this fast, the video is sped up. ♫ Everything is awesome ♫…especially our homemade stairs from books and Rosetta Stone boxes. We needed to create our own stairs because the vertical portion of each step on our real stairs is not entirely perpendicular to the horizontal portion. (Does that make sense?) I am pretty sure most stairs are designed this way to accommodate big feet. The EV3 needs a completely perpendicular surface to climb.

See what the tank bot can do in the video below! We had a blast placing anything and everything on the kitchen floor to see if the tank bot could run it over. And it could!! It ran over thick LEGO books from DK, my son’s tournament chess set, piles of wood blocks, the puzzle piece cutting board set that my husband made me, my son’s tae kwon do Ssahng Nats, and the LEGO Creator board game.

LEofficialBlogger125As an official LEGO® Education Blogger and Homeschool Ambassador, I am partnering with LEGO Education to help bring attention to the many wonderful products that LEGO Education offers for homeschoolers and educators. All opinions are entirely my own and my love of LEGO products is real and genuine. How could one not love these products!

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