Boring Words

Do you ever get tired of reading books that have a never-ending he said this, she said that, they said what. Yeah, me too.

Teaching strong verbal and communication skills is very important to my husband and I. The more words a child is taught, the greater their reading comprehension will be. The more they are able to comprehend, the more they will be able to take that information and apply it to other aspects of their life.

One of the best methods of teaching vocabulary is teaching synonyms of common words…and because “said” is word that we strongly dislike, we came up with this handy poster. It was so much fun to make, that we quickly made a second one for another disappointing word…good.

We used poster board, foam board and glue. Together, we created lists of synonyms, which I typed up, printed out and glued onto the foam board. I cut the words into their rectangles, using an exacto knife, and we glued them onto the poster board.

Of course, you do not have to glue your words onto foam board. You can just glue them directly onto the poster board around your large “no-no word” but we liked the way the foam board made the words pop out.

If you would like to see the lists of words we used for say and good, you can download them here.

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  1. Sandi P

    This is GREAT! It would be fun to print onto magnet sheets and store on whiteboards, too, a la refrigerator poetry. That way, more kinesthetic learners could try out synonyms by actually swapping out the word on their page with the magnetic alternatives until they find one they like. 🙂

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