Being a Fun Parent

This post is about being a fun parent. We are always coming up with silly things to make our son laugh. His laugh is still the most precious sound in the world. Laughter is also extremely beneficial for your health. For my husband’s birthday (which is still a couple of weeks away) we bought him a working FX lightsaber and gave it to him yesterday. I cannot keep secrets. This morning, he hooked it on his belt to pretend he was going to wear it to work. It is this kind of silliness that kids just love. Family laughter creates memories that will stick with you forever. Laughter also creates an environment of trust.

So, on to some examples.  One of the funniest Harry Potter scenes of all is when we realize that one way to get to the Ministry of Magic is through a certain set of toilets. The Ministry of Magic is like the government of the magical world. Yes, to visit you have to flush yourself. You come out completely dry on the other end because the toilet is just a portal.

One night I created a sign for my son’s bathroom…

He thought this was hysterical and so do his friends. I just hope none of his friends actually try to flush themselves!

Another night, I put this on the space bar of his keyboard…


Do you get it? Space…the final frontier. Very silly.

Star Wars : Would You Rather?

a booklet full of fun Star Wars themed questions for kids

Other nights, I hang funny images on the wall right outside his bedroom. These are the first things he sees when he wakes up and walks out his bedroom door. Thank you Pinterest for being such a huge depository of silly, clever, and side-splitting merriment. Here are some of the images that my son has loved.


The Enterprise almost hit the TARDIS??


Han Solo as the ultimate painter, Bob Ross. Who remembers Bob Ross and his happy, little trees?


Hee hee, get it?

Another super fun way that you can bring geekdom into your house, if you are a Doctor Who fan, is to scan Google Maps for anything that resembles a TARDIS. I found THIS one day on accident while I was looking at an old village that is not too far from my house. Looks like the TARDIS! But when you switch to street view, you see an ugly old brown shed.






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