What exactly is a geek?

According to Wiki, a geek is someone who is eccentric or non-mainstream, often labeled as peculiar or overly intellectual. Geeks are not socially awkward like nerds. They can be extroverted or introverted, but usually couldn’t care one bit about being fashionable, being popular, or fitting in.

They usually have an obsessive personality, so when something piques their interest, they go all in. You can be a Harry Potter geek, a LEGO geek, or even a Sherlock geek. Geekdom doesn’t just belong to those obsessed with popular culture, you can be a math geek, a geography geek, or a programming geek. But technology is not required. Yes, you can even be a Jane Austen geek or a craft geek!

The most important thing is to wear your geek hat proud.

Sometimes science fiction like Star Trek and Doctor Who appeal to us geeks because the stories are full of technological concepts that engage intellectuals.

And fantasy genres like Harry Potter and Tolkien appeal to us geeks because the stories are full of magical imagery and characters that suck you in moment after moment.

Books by Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle appeal to us geeks because we love the mystery and logic.

The list could go on and on….

This website is dedicated to us geeks who are raising the next generation of geeks.