3D Star Trek Bookmark

Star Trek Borg Cube Bookmark

Did you all realize that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek? The first episode of the original series with Kirk and Spock aired on September 8, 1966.

I am planning a big celebration week for my family, complete with lots of Star Trek food, top 10 favorite episodes, and a couple of movies.

With all of the articles popping up in my feed reader relating to the anniversary, it has inspired me to do more Star Trek crafts. And then this showed up on my doorstep.

Star Trek Big Ideas Book

The Star Trek Book, part of the widely popular Big Ideas Simply Explained series.

I may have squealed when opening the box. This is definitely a coffee table type book, the kind that fans will never be able to read in a week, yet the kind that you will never want to put down. It is best to leave it out, someplace handy, where you can pick it up every time you need to look up a fact about your favorite show. I can’t imagine a more perfect book to be released during the year of the big anniversary.

Here is a peek at one of the pages dedicated to Spock (click to make it bigger.)


Which brings me to my craft of the day.

We never seem to have enough bookmarks. I make them often (you can download my Doctor Who bookmarks, DC superhero bookmarks, and Marvel superhero bookmarks for free) because we all tend to read several books at once and we need lots of bookmarks to keep our places. We have even reverted to using the Bob Ross and Lord of the Rings BINGO cards as bookmarks.

Star Trek Borg Cube Bookmark



The supplies:

  • one-inch wood cube
  • Mod Podge
  • small paint brush
  • very strong E6000 glue
  • 6 one-inch printouts of the Borg Cube design
  • the bookmarks I designed in Photoshop


For the paper part of the bookmark, I glued the back and front (both are the same design) together and then coated the whole thing with Mod Podge.

After Mod Podging the printouts onto the wooden cube (and letting it dry thoroughly), my husband sawed off a small portion of one of the corners so that the cube would look more 3D when I glued it to the bookmark.

Star Trek Borg Cube Bookmark

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