100 Awesome STEM Resources

100 Awesome STEM Resources for middle to high school

Welcome to my super list of 100 of my favorite STEM resources for middle to high school.

Why is STEM important? In short, the future job market will revolve around science. This includes all forms of technology, engineering and math. 80% of jobs in the future will require technology skills. Statistics today show that there will be a drastic shortage of job applicants in the next decade with the skills and knowledge to fill these new positions. While only 4% of the nation’s workforce is composed of scientists and engineers, this group creates jobs for the other 96% of the workforce (source). The average professional with a STEM-related degree earns more than double the average national wage. About 3 million jobs are currently unfilled because Americans lack the basic STEM skills needed for the positions (source).


Stargazing for Kids

  1. Why Stargazing is Important for Kids
  2. 100 Infographics for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  3. Candy Math and Science
  4. Bean Classification and Taxonomy
  5. Nature Study with a Technology Connection
  6. 10 Living Books for Middle School Math
  7. Build Your STEM Kits at Dollar Tree – These easy, and CHEAP, DIY kits are perfect for all ages.
  8. YouTube Science Channels for Kids – 8 great family friendly channels for science
  9. Real World Math
  10. From beakers to boron: Best resources for studying chemistry and the periodic table
  11. Unschooling Science and Unschooling Math
  12. Building a tower of straw
  13. How to Teach classical science in high school
  14. Food Web
  15. Amoeba Cake
  16. Live Amoebas!
  17. Lego Bacteria

Books for Middle School Math

  1. Teaching Middle School Math
  2. Extracting DNA
  3. Biology Comedy Show
  4. Investing Science Lab Equipments for Homeschooling
  5. Chemistry and the Periodic Table
  6. Preparing Science Experiments in The Beginning of School Years
  7. Online Resources for Teaching Middle School Science
  8. Geospheres and Our Earth System
  9. Plate Tectonics
  10. Sands from Around the World
  11. Science Milestones 
  12. Scientific Classification and Dichotomous Keys
  13. Simple Invertebrates
  14. Magnetic Slime
  15. Make a Rube Goldberg Machine
  16. Learning Science with Disney Imagineering Videos
  17. Be Prepared for Extreme Weather – FREE Checklist
  18. Easy Science Projects for Studying Friction
  19. Videography in High School 
  20. High School Projects – Robots, RC Planes, and Game Making

Learn About Scientists Who Are Christians

  1. Learn About Scientists who are Christians and Creationists
  2. Practical Lessons Kids are Learning From Minecraft
  3. Starting our Homeschool Day with CNN Student News
  4. Simple Science: Catapults and Trajectory
  5. 10 Volcano Activities for Middle School
  6. How to Raise a Science-Minded Child
  7. BioFilm Experiment
  8. Extracting DNA From Strawberries Experiment
  9. Gumdrop Structures Engineering Challenge
  10. Let’s Make A Mold Terrarium!
  11. Polishing Pennies Experiment


  1. Science Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Science Terms, Concepts, and Strategies from Prufrock Press
  2. The Science Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained) from DK Publishing
  3. Help Your Kids with Computer Coding from DK Publishing
  4. Eyewitness Books: Invention from DK Publishing
  5. Hands-On Engineering from Prufrock Press
  6. Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables from Prufrock Press
  7. Timelines of Science from DK Publishing
  8. How to Be a Math Genius from DK Publishing
  9. Statistics for Kids from Prufrock Press
  10. Chances Are: Making Probability and Statistics Fun to Learn and Easy to Teach from Prufrock Press
  11. Exploring the World of Mathematics from New Leaf Press
  12. 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math by Eric Yoder
  13. Champions of Mathematics from Master Books
  14. 10 Things All Future Mathematicians and Scientists Must Know from Prufrock Press.

  1. Great Scientists from DK Publishing
  2. Champions of Science
  3. Champions of Invention
  4. Men of Science, Men of God: Great Scientists Who Believed the Bible
  5. Archimedes and the Door of Science
  6. Professor Noggins: Inventions
  7. Brainstorm!: The Stories of Twenty American Kid Inventors
  8. Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions: You Can Build Yourself
  9. Amazing BEN FRANKLIN Inventions: You Can Build Yourself
  10. The Kid Who Named Pluto: And the Stories of Other Extraordinary Young People in Science
  11. Scientists in the Field Series

  1. The New Way Things Work
  2. The Way Science Works
  3. The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body
  4. Built to Last
  5. How Stuff Works
  6. How Things Work: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Secrets of Technology
  7. How Things Work Encyclopedia
  8. Knowledge Encyclopedia
  9. Basher Books
  10. The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book


  1. Snap Circuits – an electronic building kit. You can choose from a variety of themes and sizes, such as Snap Circuits Jr, Snap Circuits Physics, and Snap Circuits Alternative Energy.
  2. LEGO Education sets – my favorite company in the whole world! See my reviews on LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 stair climber, puppy, color sorter and robot arm, Simple and Motorized Mechanisms, LEGO® Renewable Energy, LEGO® Pneumatics, LEGO® Simple Machines, and a Periodic Table of Elements made with LEGO bricks.
  3. Erector Sets – these ingenious systems of small parts combine in numerous ways to create an infinite number of models.
  4. Makey Makey – an invention kit for everyone! With this kit you can turn a banana into a touchpad! There are 1000’s of opportunities.
  5. LittleBits – an electronic base kit that lets you play with light, sound, sensing and buttons without wiring, soldering or programming.
  6. Laser Maze Logic Game – Logic game with a real laser! 60 challenges from beginner to expert.
  7. LEGO Master Builder Academy – teaches techniques to design and build your own creations using the skills of LEGO Master Builders!

Websites to Follow

  1. The Homeschool Scientist
  2. Student Science
  3. Science Dump
  4. Elemental Blogging
  5. Live Science
  6. SciStarter
  7. Eva Varga
  8. NASA for Students
  9. Wired Science
  10. Astronomy Picture of the Day

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  1. Becky Lahniche

    Just found you on Pinterest – whoa!!! This is great! Thank you so much! We’re trying to start an after-school Girls’ STEM program outside of Pittsburgh. You have some great ideas!

  2. Linda

    I just started a makerspace in my school library this year and am loving this resource as an idea springboard for my middle school students and for future makerspace workshops. Thank you!

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